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Ceres is a leader in AI-driven supply chain management solutions that enable companies to reduce their risk and increase resiliency by finding patterns & trends in data to predict upstream disruptions, often months in advance.

How We Help Our Clients

Knowledge is power, and supply chain visibility and predictive technology are the centers of that knowledge. Read how we help our customers gain the knowledge and foresight they need to uncover risks and meet the needs of their constitutes.

Benefits To our Customers

Organizations today are confronted with business challenges, evolving customer expectations,
changing market conditions, and other global events. The team at Ceres rises to the challenge
by offering customers:

Business Agility

Businesses that are integrated, intelligent, and agile form the bedrock of future-ready organizations. To get full value from your investments in supply chain operations, we help customers break the silos among IT infrastructure and applications to allow them to outmaneuver their competition.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Loyal customers are the key to organic growth. We help companies understand their data and the conditions that cause disruptions in their supply chain to deliver customer-centric experiences that foster more loyal, satisfied customers.

Forward-Looking Insights

We are laser-focused on providing supply chain insights that give business managers and analytics leaders the tools to improve collaboration across departments and empower teams to make more intelligent decisions that help drive long-term organizational strategy and growth

Continuous Innovation

Legacy systems are not a roadblock to Increasing supply chain efficiency. They are a gateway into potential high growth. We help customers utilize their existing data along with emerging technologies to help drive business effectiveness and resiliency.

A Brief History

Ceres Technology was the brainchild of its founders, Bobby Katoli and George W. Hoobler, III (Trey), who, while developing a vertically-integrated supply chain for premium coffees, found several issues related to the degraded quality of the product on arrival.
Armed with makeshift sensors to track the condition outside and inside shipping containers, Bobby and Trey accumulated remarkable data and insights that showed a need to add a new level of transparency and visibility into the end-to-end supply chain.
Sensor data can deliver end-to-end multichannel tracking and processes to monitor shipment conditions and indicate an issue after an incident has occurred in real time. Midway through the COVID-19 pandemic, a new global supply chain issue rose to the forefront – market disruption! Ceres leadership sought ways to solve this global, large-scale problem. The leadership decided to pivot the company into an advanced analytics solution.
This pivoting led Ceres to develop an artificial intelligence (AI) application. The AI-driven application, a machine-learning platform designed for predictive and prescriptive analytics, is called Nostradamus. The Nostradamus platform was developed to allow companies to crunch through massive amounts of data to predict unexpected events and enable companies time to take more control over their operations.
The result is a company that helps businesses create highly resilient and globally optimized supply chain networks that allow agile companies to outmaneuver their competition, increase profitability, and increase shareholder value.

Management Team

The Ceres Technology Executive Leadership team, comprised of seasoned executives and professionals, directs the company’s global vision and strategic thinking. They lead by example, putting people first, which results in a vibrant culture and success through dedication. Meet the individuals responsible for creating, supporting, and implementing Cere’s global agenda.
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