Trey is an innovative leader with a strong background in startups, driven by a passion for innovation and making a global impact. With a diverse educational and professional background, he brings a unique blend of skills and experience to drive success in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Trey holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master’s in Public Policy and Finance. These qualifications have honed his effective communication and financial acumen skills, providing a solid foundation for business strategy and growth. He also studied at the Language Institute in Madrid, immersing himself in the vibrant culture and achieving fluency in Spanish, which has proven invaluable in international business settings.

He gained valuable international experience at a prestigious think tank (The Florida State University) directed by his mentor, Dr. William Aloysius Kerr. He facilitated conversations with aspiring students in post war torn countries. (Rwanda and Guatemala) Via the college of social sciences these students received scholarships to attend FSU.  This experience allowed him to interact with ambassadors, politicians and heads of state which gave insights into the complexities of geopolitics. He was also recognized by the Dallas Business Journal as one of the “40 under 40” for his contributions as CEO of a West Dallas based non-profit, The Food Foundation, DBA: Hunger Busters.

His deep understanding of how policy and government leaders shape economies and societies at the micro and macro levels extends to the movement of goods, including tariffs and port operations. Leveraging this specialization drives his strategic focus at Ceres. As a strategic leader, he has played a pivotal role in developing cutting-edge technical solutions involving geopolitical data integration from multiple sources, harnessing the power of technology effectively in an international context.

In addition to his geopolitical expertise, Trey has developed a comprehensive understanding of soft power, recognizing its importance as a political influencer. He understands how to leverage technology, including social media and news platforms, to scrape and analyze data for valuable insights.

With early career experience in commercial real estate, Trey began as an industrial real estate broker and expanded his horizons by working internationally in four different countries.  He has collaborated with industry leaders such as Electrolux and others, gaining a deep understanding of how products move across different transportation modes, including intermodal, rail, water, and air.

With his exceptional leadership abilities and expertise in startups and geopolitics, Trey is dedicated to driving innovation and creating a lasting impact. He thrives in dynamic environments and possesses a global perspective that enables him to navigate complexities and deliver results.