Magellan Analytics & Sensor Management Dashboard

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Magellan is our primary operational dashboard. It allows you to view the detailed journey of the shipment for descriptive analysis and alerts key personnel of user-defined exceptions.

Sensor Management

A control center for all of your sensors. Update reporting frequency, assign them to shipments, set up custom notifications, etc

Team Management

Assign shipments to specific Authorized Users, who in turn can grant access and visibility privileges to other team members.

Automated Notification

Configure automated email and/or text alerts for specific issues based on custom parameters, which then can be sent to both team lists and individuals.


Get daily or weekly customized reports for each shipment.


Create custom-shaped geofences for anywhere you find important and receive automated notifications of shipment deviations.


We deploy a variety of sensors & RFID tags to fit the specific use cases of our clients. Most of our sensors employ active communications, have onboard storage, and contain more than one sensing element (e.g., temperature, humidity, geocoordinates, pressure, light, acceleration, etc).

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