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End To End Visibility That Gives You Time to React

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Introducing Nostradamus

Global droughts, port congestion, and geopolitical turmoil. Disruptions come from many places in your supply chain, from purchase orders to delivery. When your revenue and reputation are at stake, you need more than real-time visibility. You need time to react.
True analysis comes from seeing today’s data in an accurate and digestible way and predictive technologies that tell you what you don’t see.

Enhanced Analytics

Visualize your data in new ways with interactive dashboards and customized reports that help make more intelligent decisions
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What-if Scenarios

Create AI Digital Twins that simulate virtually real-life incidents, processes, and systems that allow
you to test an infinite number of scenarios and validate changes before taking them into

Advanced Alerts & Notifications

Stay informed with live alerts through via email or SMS messages and know when the Nostradamus engine has detected a problem. Customizable notifications set your own rules and metrics, and then view your data through customized reports and see potential mishaps with preventive setups.
Infinite data

Infinite Data Types and Datasets

The Nostradamus engine can process millions of data points stored in our internal platform. The data comes from publicly available sources, social media feeds, satellite imaging, and other external data sets.

Use our proprietary API to integrate Nostradamus with your data stored within ERP, CRM, or other data platforms.

Data may use structured or unstructured data, including:

External Sources Internal Sources
» Economic Data
» Purchase order details
» Geopolitical Risk
» Supplier data
» Commodities Prices
» Planning, Logistics, & procurement data
» Location-Based News
» Inventory data
» Social Media Feeds
» Shipping data
» Thousands of additional data sets

The data is used to develop and implement statistical and AI models to obtain deep insights from predictive and prescriptive analysis.

Industries we serve across
the globe

Ceres has the breadth of knowledge to support various industries and the depth of expertise to provide focused assistance anywhere in the supply chain.


Address shortages of raw materials, unprecedented changes in demand patterns, and the inability to plan lead times with the most advanced AI solution on the market.


With everything from container shortages to shipping and port congestion, labor gaps, and rising prices, you do not have the luxury of a “wait-and-see” attitude to see if supply chain constraints continue to impact this coming year. A proactive approach is within your grasp.
Automotive supplier1

Automotive OEMs and Suppliers

Chip supply is only one of several issues the industry must address. Material availability, extended lead times, sudden cost increases, and an unprecedented labor shortage necessitate a solution demonstrating how these issues interact today and in the future.


Over the past few years, shock has struck the technology supply chain, battering organizations across several sectors. Between semiconductor shortages, demand shifts, labor shortages, and equipment shortfalls, tech companies face challenges that today’s transportation management, ERP, and related platforms were not built to handle.

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