New White Paper Discusses Seamlessly Integrating AI With SAP To Solve Supply Chain Issues

Integrating AI With SAP To Solve Supply Chain Issues

Integrating ai with sap to solve supply chain issuesArtificial intelligence (AI) is a game changer! AI has many forms, and you might be exploring multiple use cases to integrate and leverage AI technology into your company’s business processes. If you are an enterprise SAP user, you may well be struggling with figuring out how to integrate AI into your environment.

There are many types of AI solutions and underlying models (neural networks, LLM, cognitive, NLP, etc.), which are meant to solve specific problems and may require different types of integrations. For example, Ceres Nostradamus was built to solve supply chain uncertainty by forecasting multi-tier supply chain risk. ChatGPT, as another example, is a Large Language Model (LLM) used to [solve what types of problems]. The ChatGPT conversation is all over enterprises from board of directors, executives, and employees. Such LLM models have inspired interesting and complex discussions on integration, security, privacy, and intellectual property.

Nostradamus is not an LLM, but rather a complex deep learning technology, such as neural networks, utilizing the customer’s purchase transactions (historical and current) and enriching with over 25,000+ external datasets, from geopolitical data, economic, raw materials, news, and various other structured and unstructured data. Nostradamus learns the customer’s purchase order lifecycle and fine-tunes to the customer to forecast multi-tier risks faced by the company, the severity of those risks, and provides the reason why those external data sets are relevant for the customer.

Nostradamus is a complex solution solving a difficult problem; nevertheless, in conjunction with Boomi, it is easy to deploy because:

  • Nostradamus is a SaaS solution;
  • Nostradamus was built to be plug-and-play;
  • Nostradamus supports many different personas (executives, managers, data scientists, and analysts); and
  • Nostradamus is easily integrated into your ERP via Ceres’ APIs or via the iPaaS leader, Boomi. Boomi is Ceres’ strategic partner.

To learn more about the inner workings of the integration and how seamless the interaction between SAP is with Ceres, you can learn more with my latest whitepaper titled, “Practical AI and Optimizing Integration into Your Enterprise.”

You will find it by clicking on this link.