Predict Multi-Tier Supply Chain Risk

We leverage over 25,000 real-time datasets to predict risks with over 80% accuracy

Our Patent-Pending AI Engine, Nostradamus, Harnesses Both Public & Proprietary Datasets Across a Vast Number of Ever-Expanding Categories

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We integrate real-time external data with your transactional data. Nostradamus anticipates delays and disruptions for all your products and suppliers, months in advance.

Some of our data categories:


Predicting upstream risks offers numerous benefits in procurement, inventory management, and demand planning, helping to reduce costs and maintain revenues.

See What's About To Affect Your Supply Chain

Quick Implementation and Minimal Data Requirements

Only transactional data is required. No need for direct supplier data no matter the number of your suppliers.

Nostradamus can accurately forecast multi-tier risk without having to send forms or collect data from your suppliers.

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The Nostradamus Platform

The Nostradamus analytics engine finds patterns in the supply chain and forecasts upstream using suitable data types based on each client.

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Multi-Tier Risk

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Billions of Data Inputs

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Any Data Type, From Any Source

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Highest Accuracy Available

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Industry-leading Forward Looking Risk Scoring

Uncovering risks and opportunities for your business means connecting the dots

To connect the dots between trends, patterns, and associations and proactively respond to future developments takes collecting and quickly analyzing gigabytes of data. The Nostradamus Al platform can accept over 25,000 data sets from multiple sources simultaneously, create a predictive model, and provide a probability score of a delay and the reasons behind the delay with up to 85% accuracy.

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Ready to uncover your risks and opportunities

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