Supply Chain Visibility Is Not About What You Can See Today

It's About Forecasting Multi Tier Risk Months Before They Happen

Introducing Nostradamus: An AI-based analytics platform that finds patterns in data and forecasts multi tier risk. Uncover risks and opportunities from origin to destination.

Supply Chain and Multi Tier Risk Is Everywhere. Are You Really Prepared?

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Today’s supply chain issues are not about what if, but when will it happen. Every business should foresee a scenario where they can detect issues promptly, understand the impact and react quickly.

The origin of supply risk may come from internal company matters or external factors. Among the most common supply risk categories:

Nostradamus forecasts multi tier risk months before they happen

Unlock the potential of your data and exposed risks you can actively address that will make improvements across your business. From better customer service and OTIF compliance to improved planning and collaboration, multimode visibility is not just what you can see today but provide warning signs that future business may be at risk.
Nostradamus delivers visibility that enables clients to foresee, plan, and act on the data months before an incident occurs

The result:

Increased visibility, better decision-making, and supply chain resiliency. No more surprises.

The Nostradamus Platform

The Nostradamus analytics engine finds patterns in the supply chain and forecasts upstream using suitable data types based on each client.

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Multi-Tier Risk

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Billions of Data Inputs

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Any Data Type, From Any Source

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Highest Accuracy Available

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Industry-leading Forward Looking Risk Scoring

Uncovering risks and opportunities for your business means connecting the dots

To connect the dots between trends, patterns, and associations and proactively respond to future developments takes collecting and quickly analyzing gigabytes of data. The Nostradamus Al platform can accept over 25,000 data sets from multiple sources simultaneously, create a predictive model, and provide a probability score of a delay and the reasons behind the delay with up to 85% accuracy.

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Ready to uncover your risks and opportunities

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