As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve always been passionate about finding market opportunities and transforming them into successful businesses that change how people approach financial modeling, supply chains, and risk management.

As a self-taught coder at my first corporate job, I used my deep understanding of the financial market trends and analysis to develop a software application that condensed report writing from a 4-hour process to just 15 seconds. That concept led me to establish my first venture, MassCatalyst. The tech company specializes in back-office automation for private-equity firms and investment banks. The platform serves as a transaction engine automating nearly every part of a private placement and provided investors with a cost-efficient way to create or access alternative asset deals directly. Additional to my entrepreneurial endeavors, I’ve developed statistical models for ETFs, tracked oil prices, and balanced statistical measures to build a data-driven portfolio of stocks by utilizing data from various sources.

Apart from my professional endeavors, I enjoy a good cup of coffee. That passion and relationships across South and Central America led my business partner, Trey Hoobler, and me to turn that passion into a high-end coffee import business called Ceres Coffee.

Dealing with logistical challenges, such as coffee degradation, I built and deployed specialized sensors using numerous communications technologies to transmit data in real time. Measurement data was then periodically transmitted over different channels to a basic application and dashboard that I developed to aggregate the data to monitor supply chain issues such as temperature and humidity storage conditions. This platform later became Magellan, a system that consolidates data, then provides meaningful reporting and in-depth analysis to enable better decisions.

The next major opportunity came about due to COVID-19. I started noticing that major companies were having problems in fulfilling orders. The problem and the opportunity to create a solution were apparent.

Today, I help shepherd a new age of AI-driven supply chain disruption solutions at Ceres Technology. Currently I serve as Chief Executive Officer of Ceres Technology and lead a team of experts delivering forward-thinking solutions that can identify existing data and predict supply chain disruptions when those insights matter most.