Ceres Nostradamus Best Predictive AI Supply Chain Risk Management Analytics Software

Best Predictive AI Supply Chain Risk Management Analytics Software

The Next Step on the Supply Chain Optimization Journey

Global droughts. Supply chain challenges. Geo-political instability. You know that a disruption in your supply chain can seriously impact your revenue and reputation. How will you ever know if your products and materials are safe from risk without a means to integrate data from planning, logistics, and procurement into the mix with external data?

What is Nostradamus?

Ceres Nostradamus is a supply chain risk management analytics AI engine designed to integrate data from an unlimited number of sources to predict supply chain disruption or delays.

From the start of a purchase order, the Nostradamus AI engine will provide a predictive risk score to inform buyers if and why they can expect a supplier delay based on available internal and external market factors. The engine will then deliver a delay prediction, the delay’s expected length, and the severity’s reason. It will then continuously monitor and provide real-time updates and automated alerts of any risk profile changes.

Why does it matter?

With recent advancements in AI and machine learning, early adopters of this technology will pass their competitors and be major disruptors in their respective industries.


Ceres Nostradamus’ predictive supply chain risk management analytics software provides visibility of delays and disruptions weeks or months ahead of time with an impressive 80%+ accuracy.


With that kind of performance improvement, businesses benefit from the ability to respond to order delays ahead of the market and the competition. Improving supply chain reliability and resilience allows clients to increase sales, improve customer relationships, and increase profit margins.

Additionally, anticipating and mitigating supply chain risks enable clients to maintain optimal inventory levels, reducing excess inventory costs. These benefits can translate into tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars in annual cost savings and added revenues for large international organizations with multi-modal supply chains.

How does Nostradamus work?

The Ceres Nostradamus engine can digest millions of data points collected from publicly available sources, social media feeds, satellite imaging, and other external data sets. Data sets may include economic information, supplier financial conditions, container statistics, port traffic volumes and congestion, labor data, weather events and predictions, and thousands more.

The data from these external sources are then curated and merged with each client’s historical internal data to find patterns in the supply chain network to predict upstream disruptions months in advance.

The typical timeline to enable this capability is approximately 60 days. If this sounds too good to be true, “the proof is in the pudding,” as they say. We recently proved this technology to a Fortune 100 company, where our executive sponsor shared that “there were no other solutions like Ceres Nostradamus on the market today.” Furthermore, he stated that “[he] has personally been working with the top consulting firms, and they were not even close to our results.”

If you want to learn more about how Ceres Nostradamus can help your organization, contact me at shane@cerestech.co.