Ceres Technology launches its much awaited and anticipated AI application called Ceres Nostradamus™


Ceres Technology, the advanced analytics supply chain solution provider that tracks multi-modal shipments, today announces Ceres NostradamusTM version 1.0, a breakthrough artificial intelligence (AI) technology to predict supply chain disruptions months in advance. Ceres NostradamusTM is a cloud-based technology, accessed via a specially designed user interface, that processes large volumes of client and external data (in any format) to generate accurate supply chain disruption predictions months in advance, thereby allowing clients to plan and proactively take appropriate corrective actions.

Ceres NostradamusTM version 1.0 has been launched to enable organizations to answer many of the questions supply chain leaders are facing today, such as: Will my purchase order be delayed? If so, is there another vendor with whom I can place my purchase order? Which one of my suppliers is at most risk of a disruption or delay? Which countries where my suppliers are located are at the most risk? How much inventory should we maintain due to disruptions and delays? Ceres NostradamusTM makes these types of decisions easier by deploying the latest in artificial intelligence (AI) technology. For each anticipated and actual purchase order, Ceres NostradamusTM provides a likelihood of a disruption along with an explanation of why that disruption is happening. Additionally, the platform provides a likelihood of a delay for each individual supplier. Furthermore, the application continuously monitors each purchase order in real time, so when the application detects a potential upstream disruption, the client will be alerted so proactive action(s) can be taken. The application is a unique solution that instantly reviews all sorts of internal and external data sets, regardless of format and complexity, including geopolitical risk, Twitter feeds, satellite imaging, raw material shortages, market inflation rates, pollution indexes, port congestions, etc.

This version deploys AI technologies such as neural networks, natural language processing, and statistical analysis, which enable the application to predict market disruptions months in advance. In just a few clicks, the AI engine reviews events occurring across regions, countries, suppliers, ports, etc. to generate disruption probabilities. Having this information on hand, Ceres’ clients will be able to make better informed decisions on which suppliers to use, what quantities to order, from which countries to source, etc.

Bobby Katoli, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Ceres Technology, states: “Our technology is extremely relevant in today’s supply chain and economic environment. We built this application to solve real issues by applying AI in unique way to create an enterprise-ready solution. We’re solving big problems with state-of-the-art tech. We recently proved this technology to a very large Fortune 100 company. Our executive sponsor at the Fortune 100 company shared with us that ‘there were no other solutions like Ceres NostradamusTM on the market today.’ We are able to accurately predict market disruption months in advance with over 80% accuracy. During the proof of concept, we were able to show how Ceres NostradamusTM would have helped them during the COVID-19 crisis. We expect that Ceres NostradamusTM will help our clients save millions of dollars in supply chain disruption and inventory costs. We are very excited to bring this solution to the market.”

Carlos Amaral, Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Ceres Technology, states: “We built a strong data science team with years of experience with AI and cloud technologies and who fully understand how these technologies need to behave. We are planning further deployments of AI models to go beyond this particular use case. Our product roadmap is very solid and I am looking forward to the next generation of the Ceres NostradamusTM application and platform.”

About Ceres Technology
Ceres Technology is a cloud-based, advanced analytics solution provider focusing on the supply chain. Ceres offers two main platforms: Ceres MagellanTM and Ceres NostradamusTM. Ceres MagellanTM allows supply chain managers to understand the location, status and condition of their products in transit by providing end-to-end traceability, granularity, analytics, and insights via Ceres’ advanced analytics engine. Ceres NostradamusTM offers comprehensive predictive analytics that allow clients to anticipate supply chain disruptions. www.cerestech.co