Ceres Technology provides insight and analytics to your supply chain allowing you to track conditions on individual shipments from origin to destination through multi-modal transit. We build a customized solution tailored to your specific supply chain. Please fill out our questionnaire and we’ll give you tailored solution of sensors and software.

  • Customized

    Let us create a customized solution for your needs. Fill out our form and we'll do the heavy work to find the optimum fit.

  • Collect Data​

    Gather information on where a product is, if it is missing - where it was lost or stolen, and the environmental conditions that impact the quality of the product. We can track temperature, humidity, GPS, tilt, impact, light, etc. Just let us know what you like to track and we'll find a solution.

  • Analytics

    We provide analytics to make sense of the collected data so you can make informed decisions.

  • Integrations

    Do you already have a fleet management system? Already working with an inventory system? Let us know what systems you already have in place and we'll integrate our solution into it.

  • Proactive Prevention

    Our technology is event driven, meaning the system will alert when certain parameters have been met. We can work with your business and vendors for response management - alerting someone to take action when things go wrong.

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Current Applications


Coffee Tracking

Tracking coffee from the wet and dry mill to the States. Static sensors are tracking track temperature and humidity at the mill. Mobile sensors are placed in the coffee bags to track transportation conditions from San Salvador to Dallas. Full transparency from processing to delivery to the roaster.

We are tracking a coffee from El Borbollon, a 10-time Cup of Excellence winner, located in El Salvador to the States. The shipment traveled from San Salvador -> Oakland -> Dallas. We recorded GPS, temperature, and orientation while in transit. Additionally, we setup sensors across the mill to track temperature and humidity at the processing facility. El Borbollon is using our technology to reduce quality degradation risk throughout the process and increase transparency. El Borbollon is now able to make business decisions at the mill to increase quality and now the conditions of the quality as it.

The Alvarez family opened the mill in 1985. El Borbollon mill is managed by Eduardo Alvarez, whose father (also Eduardo) bequeathed to him a passion for growing coffee and inspired him to always strive for the highest quality. Under Eduardo’s direction, the mill has increasingly accessed specialty markets and has provided key technical assistance and guidance to the farms with which they work. In fact, Eduardo’s hard work and advocacy has enabled many of these farms to place in Cup of Excellence competitions. Of the 15 high altitude farms with which El Borbollon works, 10 have won places in Cup of Excellence competitions. 4 of these, including La Reforma, have won the COE Presidential Award for achieving scores in excess of 90 points.

The Alvarez family has been proactive in using technology to improve the quality of its coffee while also preserving the lively hoods of the people that they employ, creating a vibrant future-focused coffee industry for El Salvador.


Smart Pallet

Creating a smart pallet by embedding our technology within the pallet by tracking Location, Temperature, and Orientation.


Frozen Meat

Frozen meats freight forwarding distributor tracking the transportation conditions of each shipment at the port warehouse, through transportation, and to destination in a closed circuit.

Ceres technology adhered to the pallet to track location and temperature of the pallet from its origin to the destination.

The freight forwarder is in a closed loop supply chain meaning the pallets that transport the frozen meats will return to origin warehouse.

Estimated round trip of a pallet is 45-50 days
The Client is expected to transport 3-4 containers (with 20-22 pallets in each container) to the warehouse daily.
The Client wants to ensure the frozen meats are delivered in optimum conditions (within certain temperature bounds) to ensure quality control.
Ceres will integrate its technology into the current inventory management and fleet management system.

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