Shipment Data

Tracking Coffee During Transportation:

Ceres partnered with Dallas based coffee roaster, Cultivar Coffee, who ordered green coffee from El Borbollon. Cultivar Coffee is a coffee roaster and shop operator in Dallas, Texas that is deeply committed to quality and sustainability. Blending these values helps them reach new levels of care, attention to detail, and socioeconomic responsibility in the world of specialty coffee. They source only the best coffee they can get their hands on, and they maximize the potential of each coffee they offer.

Ceres added its mobile sensors to the bags in El Salvador to track temperature, location, and speed during transit. The bags were shipped to Oakland, California. Once passing customs and reaching the States, the coffee bags were delivered to Cultivar in Dallas where the sensors were recovered.

The software on the trackers were optimized to last only for the shipboard sections of the trip, but the next version of the software will allow the trackers to record throughout the entire journey from the mill, through importing, warehousing, and delivery of the product to the buyer.

With this data, Cultivar has information on the transportation conditions (temperature and humidity) of the coffee from the mill to the buyer in full transparency to ensure quality control throughout the transportation supply chain. Cultivar will offer its customers transparency to the data.