About Us

Ceres Technology is helping businesses along the supply chain to gain better insight and data on their shipments from origin to destination. Originally, we founded the company as importers. We quickly realized how the quality was impaired when the shipment arrived from our supplier. After some digging and experiencing first-hand, we found spoilage, theft, and traceablity are major supply chain issues. Shipments touch many hands during transportation that make it difficult to maintain quality along every step of the process. This lack of transparency and data to make informed business decisions ultimately led us to leverage our technology backgrounds to create Ceres Technology.

Bobby is one of the founders of CERES. He leads business and tech strategy. In 2014, he created his first startup, a SaaS software to automate the back office of investment banking and private equity funds. Before his entrepreneurial ventures, he worked in transaction advisory and consulting for healthcare acquisitions. where he automated the financial models and report writing by saving on average, 3 hours per report, or 99.8% reduction in time. Other experience includes an ETF development project for the BOON oil company (ticker: BOON), automating and optimizing trading strategies for a hedge fund, and created the foundation for a machine learning based robo-advisor.

Trey is one of the founders of CERES. He leads business development and strategy. He brings 20 years of professional experience from multiple sectors: commercial real estate (The Staubach Company), food distribution, and government consulting. He directed a food distribution facility that demonstrated 300% growth over 3 years. His degrees are in business, finance, public policy, and communications.  He’s lived in five countries and is fluent in Spanish. 

Over the past 20 years, Jared has led numerous projects developing innovative software and hardware solutions for enterprise clients and employers across several industries including Defense, Pharmaceuticals, and Financial Services. He focuses on IoT device integration, rapid prototype development, and decentralized systems architecture to deliver blockchain solutions for real world assets.

Stephen has 10 years of experience in research strategy and the application of emerging technologies for investors and enterprises. Stephen is the former Director of the North Texas Blockchain Alliance where he leads the cultivation of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency competencies among software developers, C-level executives, and private investment advisors. Stephen has spoken to the executive leadership teams of large enterprises in both private consultation and invite-only events at the Dallas Federal Reserve and other esteemed venues. Stephen has launched various blockchain businesses in the past 8 years while advising startups in the space.

Michael has been involved in the blockchain space as a consultant since 2012. Michael founded Cryptocurrency Consulting in 2014, a firm that helps early adopters understand and secure digital currencies. As a Software Architect, he’s helped build blockchain solutions for companies including Thomson Reuters and Rewards.com. Michael is also President of the Blockchain Club at UT Dallas where he also participates in blockchain-related research and education.